Combo Frames

Combo Frames

  • Raised panel w/recessed lettering or silk-screen imprint
  • Raised Letters
  • Silk-screen Imprint
  • High Impact Resin
  • Hot Stamped Face:
    • Satin Silver, OEM or Brushed Chrome
  • Standard Frame Colors:
    • Black & White
  • Nonstandard Color Frames:
    • Red, Green, Gray, Yellow, Navy, & Royal Blue


Standard Tab Option:

Nonstandard Tab Options:
Premium & Flat

Frame Styles

* Maximum imprint area on silk-screen frames will be 10-15% less than dimension, shown. All styles are available with 3D raised letters, silk-screen imprint or even surface blank frames. Customized panel dimensions can be ordered at no extra charge. Please ensure selected frame style does not conceal DMV/State required content. Universal Auto Frames is not responsible for fit or coverage problems.